***NEW FOR 2023***

The JazzSmart Saxophone Orchestra will begin rehearsing this year. If you are interested in joining then please contact us for more info. We will be playing a mixture of jazz and classical arrangements for saxophone orchestra. Parts will range from sopranino down to bass sax with the opportunity to improve your sight-reading and improvisation skills. The proposed night for rehearsal is Monday 7-9pm in the New Milton area. More details to follow ASAP!

JazzSmart Jazz and Classical Music Workshops was started in 2010 by James Rawlinson with the intention of bringing well known musicians and educators together with amateur players of all ages. In those years JazzSmart has seen a diverse list of tutors and it has given me the ability to work with and get to know musicians I greatly admire. The jazz and classical music workshops have taken a break for a while and I am planning new things for 2023 in Hampshire and Dorset and beyond! 

JazzSmart Educational Music Workshops for Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Brass, Rhythm and more.
Andy Scott conducting the JazzSmart Sax Weekend
JazzSmart Emma Johnson Clarinet Workshop

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